war statue.

I was on a school field trip when I saw an unusual statue. My friend and I ran up to the statue and investigated. On the back of the statue I saw a metal plate that had some information about about the model on the statue. It said that it was a model of a man that served in would war 1 and 2 but died shortly after world  war 2. In very small writing it said that if this man did not serve in World war 1 and 2 Australia would not have made it through them. He was the reason why Australia was and still is a place.

2 thoughts on “war statue.”

  1. Hey Suhani,
    I like your story and how you guys went on a field trip and it is like wise the the solider would have died just after world war 2. Just one error to piont outis that you said “He served in would war 1 and 2” and you know the mistake.

    -Nate Your class

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